Video Investment

Our Videography packages offer complete customisation, As us how we can build a stronger Internet Presence using the power of Video and the Web.


Customised video solutions for your website to build your online presence and rapport with your clients.

YouTube Development

Build a strong YouTube presence to increase Brand awareness and search engine ranking within Google.

Social Media Development

Let’s get your Social Media platforms working for your Business

Pricing Structure

By the nature of video projects our experience shows a fixed price package is not a one price fits all solution to most video needs. Our packages are priced according to previous scenarios which are subject to change based on each project. As part of the production experience, we give consideration into your primary objectives along with your budget to ensure they match with the service in consideration and adjust where necessary to fit. Our pricing structure is transparent enabling your team to fully evaluate your outcomes based on your project requirements.

Consider the following packages as a guide to what can be achieved.

Customised Pricing

Our packages are developed using the following pricing structure.

Camera Time

How long you require us to be onsite will be determined by the complexity of the project.
$550 – 4 Hour Block (Onsite)
$137.50 – Per Hour Thereafter
$275 – 2 Hour block (Osmo only)

Post Production / Editing

Your project will take shape after filming has been completed.
$440 Per 4 Hour Block (Onsite with Client)
$99 Per Hour (Offsite without Client)


Materials differ for each project and are quoted on a per requirement basis. Digital Download is fast becoming the preferred delivery method however we can cater to any requirement. No charge for digital downloads.

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